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Crafting Events That Are

Meant to Bee ...

Beautiful Buzzworthy

For The Colorado Western Slope

From Montrose to Telluride: Wedding Planner

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With a belief that the days leading up to your wedding should sweeten the experience, I’ll keep my feet on the ground so you can keep your head in the clouds — weighing the what-ifs, planning for the wow factor and designing an event that fits your flair.

This is Leor

Montrose & Telluride Wedding Planner. Marathon Runner. Dog Person.

The queen bee of Colorado mountain weddings, luxury events and elopement packages in Colorado, Leor is multilingual (English, French, Hebrew) and multi-faceted. She’s a certified wedding planner with a master’s degree in educational leadership from the University of Vermont. She’s also dog and human CPR certified. A pet-friendly planner, she brings an energy level that is an ideal mixture of calm and buzz. Leor is adaptable, reading the room and noticing the softness and emotions that are conducive to quiet and warmth, but also spirited and resourceful when the people around her need a pick-me-up.


Her secret sauce is the hands-on experience, looking out for her hive (that’s you) —by tapping into her background from the university’s athletic department where she planned and coordinated events, in addition to her role as a rental coordinator. Saying that she has needed know-how and vendor connections is an understatement.


Coffee table jazz is her playlist of choice, and in her hands you’ll notice a cup of hot black tea with a dash of milk. Her desk is organized (no surprise there), she loves to-do lists and most people don’t know that she was chosen for the Swiss Olympic‘s 10m air rifle shooting team, but opted to attend college instead.


Where You & Your Honey Might

Run Into Leor

Micro Weddings
Luxury Events
Adventure Elopements
Grand Celebrations

National Parks
Beaches & Mountains

But also...

As a wedding planner...


I’m dedicated to dreams because that’s exactly what this entire experience will be in the end. An idea, a memory, something to reflect on.

There’s an amusing combination when it comes to who I am and what I do — a planner who is a hopeless romantic, someone who wades through details, and yet, is just as connected to dreams. While it seems offbeat at first, and even contradictory, it’s exactly what helps me turn ideas into tangible experiences.  

If I could only plan what was right in front of me, I would never create anything original. When you’re in a world of your own with wild ideas and unconventional plans, I’ve got a plane ticket to meet you there — an ability to be thoughtful, adaptable. Just think of me as your wow-factor wingwoman.

The Undeniable Definition Of

Unconditional Love

I usually plan events for dog people, but I’ll take the adventurous types and cat owners too.


Meet Bubba

A calming presence in my life, and the best welcoming committee you could have after coming home from a wedding weekend or excursion to the national parks (we’re trying to visit them all).


Meet Stewie

The soul dog who inspired everything you see. We chose to remember this beautiful pup by thinking of him with every bee that we see. An intention, a plan, that leads to moments with a meant-to-bee feeling. 

Lately, I've Been

Inspired By

Cascading flowers, wooden ceremony arches & wedding attire with that timeless style of subtle sophistication.

No Leaps Needed.

From Montrose to Telluride: Wedding Planner

Just A Little Talking To Start.


That’s right, there’s no need to take a leap or jump out of a plane (that’s not for everyone), but if you’re ready to elevate the experience without sky-high stress, the first step is a simple chat.

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