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Having your Best Friend aka your Dog in your Wedding!

A wedding is a time to be surrounded by all of your loved ones to celebrate your love! “ALL” of your loved ones…so naturally we want our dogs to be there too! Read on if you are considering having your dog present at your wedding!

🐾 Does your dog make the cut?

As much as we think our dogs are the perfect beings… not all are suited for a civilized wedding. Before casting your dog in your wedding ask yourself if s/he is fit for the wedding? Can s/he be aggressive, does s/he steal food and does s/he make a lot of noise? At the very least your dog should know how to sit and stay.

Ideally, you want your dog to be an adorable addition not a distraction! Knowing your dog and what role suits them will help the day run smoothly! Is your dog calm or super excited? A calm dog may be more suited for the ring bearer or flower girl rather than a super excited dog that needs to greet EVERYONE and cannot be caught… even though that wouldn’t be the worst thing but some may find it stressful!

🐾 Will having your dog cause stress for you?

Will your dog running around greeting everyone instead of coming down the aisle stress you out? Having your dog at your wedding may sound like the best idea but think about how you would feel if things were not to go as planned? If it would end up causing you unnecessary stress, you may want to reconsider.

🐾 Dedicate to your pup in spirit(s)

After having thought about it, you have decided to not have your dog at your wedding. You can still include them in other aspects of your day! Such as naming cocktails after them or having pictures of them. You could have dog treats for guests to take back to their best friend from your best friend!

🐾 Check the rule on pets

Before booking your venue, make sure to check that it is dog friendly. Most outdoor/rustic venues will allow pets. A 5 star hotel on the other hand may not be too thrilled about the idea.

🐾 Grooming for the pawfect day

Yay! You have decided your dog will be there with you on your special day! Just as you will be getting pampered and beautifed for the big day, consider giving your dog a similar service! So that everyone looks their best!

🐾 Be ready for potential hazards

Seeing how a wedding is not a natural scene for a dog, there are certain things that you will want to avoid in order to keep your dog safe. For example, make sure your flowers are not toxic. Ask the venue if there are any pesticides or toxic plants on the grounds. As much as your dog will want to indulge in your fabulous menu, make sure to keep him/her safe during the reception so guests don’t feed him/her.

🐾 Hire or plan for a dog handler

A dog handler or putting a family/friend in charge of your pooch is a good idea. This way after your dog is done with their role in the wedding, they will be with a familiar face who will cater to their needs and make him/her feel safe and less stressed throughout the day.

🐾 Plan ahead

Just like we do a venue walk through, it is important for your dog to do so as well. This was they can get all the sniffing and marking out of the way rather than on the wedding day!

🐾 Embrace the chaos

Deciding on having your dog in your wedding, you must be ready to embrace the chaos if it is to occur! Think of it as comic relief! The little quirks our best friend introduces to the day will only make the day more memorable!

I hope this helps! If you do decide on having your dog in your wedding, please send me ALL the pictures!



Love you always Stewie ❤️

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mim benjamin
mim benjamin
Jan 27, 2023

Bee-you-tiful chiooooooooolds of love

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