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It’s time to tackle the Wedding Guest list!

Here are 5 tips for creating your list that will hopefully ease the process:

  1. Know your Budget and set your limit

Setting your budget is one of the first things to do when starting your wedding planning. Once the budget is determined then you can decide on how much of that budget you are willing to allocate to the venue. When deciding on your venue, keep in mind the venue’s guest capacity. Once you lock in your venue and are aware of the guest capacity you are ready to start THE list!

  1. Who has a say?

Who is contributing to the wedding, do they get a say? Everyone will have their own opinions on this matter. The most important thing is that you and your fiancé are happy with the final decision, after all this is YOUR big special day. My advice is, start your list early in the planning process and make a list of all the guests that YOU want/need to attend your wedding. Once you have that dialed in then you can determine how many guests the contributors can invite, taking into consideration the budget and how many guests the venue can hold.

  1. Categorize

Forming categories for your list will allow you to organize your guests in a way that will help you determine your essential guests and how many guests from each category you want to invite if any. For example, your categories can be as such, family, school friends, college friends, work colleagues. As you go through your categories, you will start prioritizing some guests over others and slowly but surely you will have your list!

  1. Decisions on Plus ones and Children

If you are struggling with having too many guests on your list, cutting out children and plus ones can easily help with reducing the number of guests. You can make it an adult only event and a plus one only for the long term relationships, spouses or anyone that is in a serious relationship.

  1. You don’t have to invite if you were invited

It is very common to think that if you were invited to a wedding that you feel you need to return the favor. Your wedding is uniquely yours and the guests you invite should be solely based on who you want to share your celebration of love with. Do not feel bad!

Take a deep breath…it will all work out and you will have the most amazing day!




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