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Seal the Deal - A Guide to Booking your Dream Wedding Vendors

Booking wedding vendors should be your number one thing you do when starting your wedding planning! Securing your top choices often depends on various factors, including the popularity of the vendors, the time of year, and your wedding date. So let's take a look at a general timeline to help guide you:

12-18 Months Before the Wedding:

  • Venue: Start by securing your wedding venue as it often dictates the date and sets the tone for other decisions.

  • Photographer and Videographer: Talented photographers and videographers are often booked well in advance, especially during peak wedding seasons.

10-12 Months Before the Wedding:

  • Caterer: If your venue doesn't provide catering, or if you have specific catering preferences, book a caterer.

  • Wedding Planner: If you're hiring a wedding planner, do so at this stage to help with overall coordination.

8-10 Months Before the Wedding:

  • Entertainment (DJ or Band): Popular DJs and bands can get booked quickly, so secure your entertainment early on.

  • Florist: Book a florist to ensure they are available and can accommodate your vision.

6-8 Months Before the Wedding:

  • Officiant: If you have a specific officiant in mind, book them now.

  • Bakery (Cake/Desserts): Secure a bakery for your wedding cake or desserts.

4-6 Months Before the Wedding:

  • Attire (Dress and Suit): Start the process of choosing and ordering your wedding attire.

  • Hair and Makeup Artists: Book hair and makeup artists for yourself and your bridal party.

2-4 Months Before the Wedding:

  • Transportation: If you need transportation for the wedding day, book it now.

  • Stationery (Invitations): Order your wedding invitations and any other stationery you may need.

1-2 Months Before the Wedding:

  • Finalize Details: Confirm and finalize details with all vendors.

  • Reconfirm with Vendors: Touch base with vendors to reconfirm arrangements.

Remember, these are general guidelines, and flexibility is key. If you're planning a wedding during peak seasons (spring and summer), consider booking vendors even earlier. If your wedding date is more flexible, you may have more options in securing your preferred vendors.

Good luck!!

With love,



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