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10 Place Setting Ideas for Your Wedding Reception Tables

The design stage - the most exciting stage! The table setting really sets the mood for your reception. Here are a couple of ideas to help you create your dream table vision!

Channel a Destination

Whether you are planning a destination wedding or a location themed wedding, you can start with an item such as dishware, glassware, silverware, or napkin and build off of that item.

Use Textured Plates

Texture adds an extra element of dimension to your setting and can help jazz up your table.

Play with Layers

Adding layers to your table setting is a fantastic way to make a statement. Layers add to a rich textured look. Examples of layers include fabrics, placemats, napkins, and some greenery!

Pops of Colour

Adding pops of colour is a wonderful way to dress your table settings, you could use solid colors or even make use of some patterns.

Incorporate The Outdoors

If you are having a down-to-earth, outdoor wedding, think of adding outdoor elements such as Pebbles, Leaves, Bark, Moss, etc. This helps add an extra element of magic!


You don’t have to stop at centerpieces when it comes to florals. A single bloom or a stem of baby breath makes your table setting very inviting. Flowers and plants are a meaningful way to celebrate the beauty of your wedding and start this new journey!

Offer Favors

Having a small gift on each place setting for your guest is a friendly appreciative touch. This could be a personalized cookie, chocolates, candles, etc.

Take it to the Tropics

If you are imagining a tropical theme, add fruit and go with a simple place setting to let the fruit do all the talking!

Customize with a Wax Seal

Adding a wax seal to your menu/place card can turn an average place setting into a classy one.

Keep it Simple

Having a simple plain setting with a single piece of greenery or item can make your table extremely elegant.

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