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7 Ways To Recycle Your Wedding Items

By using a little creativity and planning, you can make sure that most or all of your wedding items are being recycled in some way!

Wedding Dress

There are a couple of options that you may want to consider for your wedding dress! Keeping your wedding dress in your closet is an option but you may find that space may be an issue. By tailoring and dying it you could turn it into a piece of clothing or multiple pieces of clothing that you would rewear!

Another option is to donate your dress to a charity to help Brides who cannot afford their own wedding dress. Some Brides will give their dress to a friend or family member who are planning on a wedding!

Wedding Suits

Suits like many other male dress items can be reworn to other occasions very easily. If you plan on rewearing your suit make sure to choose a colour for you and your groomsmen that can be easily worn for future formal occasions.


Many centerpieces can be transformed into vases, candle stands and jars that you can use in your home or gift to friends and family!

Some wedding decorations are very specific to your wedding theme, these can be given to Charity as you never know who will need that exact decor item!

Another option is to look for recyclable decor items when planning your wedding so you know at the end of the night, they can easily be recycled.


A lot of stationery is used during the planning process and the wedding itself. Stationary items can be donated to local schools or disadvantaged children's homes. Wedding invitations can be transformed into frames, gift cards and even wall hangings. Some types of wrapping paper can be turned into gift bags and others can be reused for future gifts!

Wedding Shoes

Depending on the shoes you chose some may be easily reusable for other occasions and others may be a little too wedding shoe obvious to be reused. But, just like your wedding dress, the shoes can also be dyed a different colour!


How do you reuse a perishable item? Gifting your flower centerpieces to your guests is an option as well as donating them to Nursing homes and hospitals. Some couples may want to dry some of their flowers, such as the Bouquet and use some flowers for other post-wedding parties and activities celebrated with friends and family. The Vases that the flowers come in, can easily be taken home or donated.


If you end up having an excess amount of food left, you can organize with the chef or caterer to have the food transported to a local food shelter or served to people who are in need.

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