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Boozing and Schmoozing! How much?!

This is a guide to help those who want to serve alcohol at their wedding or event. Quantities are hard to gauge and they will vary depending on the groups of people, but it is safe to assume that each guest will have about one drink per hour!

With that said, here is a quick quantity guide per beverage:

Beer: .5 beers per guest

Wine: 1 bottle per 2.5 guests

Champagne: 1 bottle per 6 guests (toast only)

Liquor: 1 bottle per 5 guests (based on a 3-hour open bar)

After-party: 1.5 drinks per person per hour

For specific guest breakdowns, here are some recommendations:

​Guest Count



​Beer: 25 bottles Wine: 20 bottles Champagne: 8 bottles Liquor: 20 bottles


Beer: 50 bottles

Wine: 40 bottles

Champagne: 16 bottles

Liquor: 20 bottles


​Beer: 100 bottles Wine: 80 bottles Champagne: 32 bottles Liquor: 40 bottles


​Beer: 150 bottles Wine: 120 bottles Champagne: 48 bottles Liquor: 60 bottles

A couple of other things to take into consideration, the type of event, the time, the season and altitude.

Depending on the Type of event, you may decide to hold back on the alcohol or you may want to make sure the drinks keep on coming! If the event is during the day, you will probably want to limit the amount of alcohol served, on the other hand if it is an evening affair or a whole day bash, you will want to make sure you have plenty for all your guests.

When it comes to the season, it is a good idea to include drinks that compliment the time of year, for example, for a summery event, you could serve seasonal garnishes such as mint and lemon. If your event is in the fall or winter, you could use cinnamon and oranges!

Altitude is a big one here in Colorado! This is an important detail to consider as the higher the altitude the quicker the alcohol will affect your guests. For example, if most of your guests are coming from sea level, you may not need to purchase as much alcohol!

Along with alcohol, it is very important to take into consideration your guests that do not drink. You could add some mocktails to your bar menu. In addition, make sure that you have plenty of water, juices, sodas and seltzers. Having a designated water station is vital!

A quick tip before I leave you to make all the decisions!

If you are thinking of having Champagne as a welcome drink for guests as they arrive at the Ceremony or for toasts, make sure to let the venue know in advance!

With Love,



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