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Family Photos - Who to include?!

You are filling in your Photographers’ questionnaire and you are stuck!! “Who should I include in my family photos?”

Deciding on which family members should be included in the photos can be overwhelming, I totally understand, I went through it too, but don’t stress! Here is your complete guide to taking family photos at your wedding.

Abie Livesay Photography


The first step in deciding, is to focus on your VIPs and work backwards from there. Everyone’s VIPs will vary, but these individuals are usually the ones who raised you and/or they are very special to you.

Abie Livesay Photography

Divorced or Remarried Parents

Wether your parents get along or cannot stand each other, make sure to arrange photos with your individual families first. The couple should take pictures with each parent and their significant others if applicable.

Be Prepared

  • Give a list to your photographer of which family members are going to be in each shot.

  • Let the family members and obviously photographer know when these photos will be taken, before Ceremony or After.

  • If you are not hiring a planner, delegate a friend to help you with getting everyone in place for the photos.

Abie Livesay Photography

Abie Livesay Photography

Abie Livesay Photography

Here is a list of some wedding day photo inspiration to help you get started!

  1. Getting ready photos with your VIPs

  2. The First Look

  3. Sibling Portraits

  4. Parent Portraits and Solo Portraits

  5. Precious Grandparents

  6. The Little Ones

  7. Big Group Shots

  8. The best - Pets!

  9. Religious Traditions

Your photos will be your memories for a lifetime , so make sure to spend time thinking about which ones you want taken!



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