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Finding Your Dream Wedding Dress

Are you looking for your dream Wedding dress but have no idea where to start?! Keep on reading!

Now that you have found your ONE perfect match, it is time to find your ONE of a kind wedding dress! The first step in your wedding dress journey is to find inspiration for what you envision on your day and the style you like. Below are some places that may help you on your exciting search!

Abie Livesay Photography


Blogs are a useful source as they typically do all the pre-hunt work for you in order to curate a concise up - to - date look at what is trending and in the market right now. Blogs will most likely have a link to the images shared, in order for you to easily follow the link if the dress catches your eye!


You may already be creating boards and finding all the best wedding tips, tricks and DIYs on Pinterest. Don’t stop there! Make a Wedding Dress Board and start adding the dresses that you like! You can keep this private if you are not ready to share it with family and friends yet! Keep in mind that some of the dresses on Pinterest may not be available or some may be made by International Designers that may make it difficult to get. So keep your mind open until you start shopping!

Savannah H. Photography


Instagram makes it very easy to follow a page or hashtag and you get fed all the content you are looking for! You can then screenshot/save any of the dresses you are drawn to and follow their links to further dress details! Many designers will share their backstory which gives you a better idea of what they are all about and how they come up with their designs.


A Magazine?! Can’t I find all my sources online? Yes, but local magazines are not only useful for inspiration but a good way to see what your local vendors have to offer. Using a local vendor is nice due to proximity but it also feels good to support and involve your community. Being closer to your dress vendor is also a bonus for when you need to do all your fittings.

Fine Tune Your Findings

Once you have found your favorite, it is time to organize and research potential vendors. Find a way to store and organize all of your dress inspiration, in ways such as, Pinterest, Instagram, a folder on your desktop or a scrapbook! Once you narrow down your favorites, start to research the vendors that have your dress and go from there! Remember to keep your mind open just in case your favorite does not end up fitting or looking right when you try it on. Keep your hopes up and search on - YOU WILL FIND THE ONE!

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