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Help!! What do I Tip My Vendors?

Tipping can be overwhelming and at times, forgotten when planning your budget. That is why I have created a Tipping Table, to help you know what and when to Tip your vendors! These are simply recommendations - you should always do what you feel is right!



​The Standard

When To Tip

Wedding Planner


10%-20%, up to $500 or a nice gift

​Hand an envelope at the end of the wedding night or a thank you note with a check after the honeymoon.

Hair and Makeup Artists


15%-25% depending on service quality

End of the service provided.

​Delivery and Set up Staff


​$5-$10 per person

​Provide cash envelopes ahead of time to the individual accepting deliveries.


Expected (Depending on Officiant)

Donate $100 - $500 to Synagogue or Church. For the officiant, a tip of $50 - $100. (You may want to give more depending on how much time you have prepared together)

​Most fees are given prior to the wedding. If not, then hand an envelope to a responsible attendant such as your wedding planner to has the Officiant after the ceremony.


Optional, yet preferred

​$25 - $35 per musician and $50 - $150 for DJs

An attendant or wedding planner should tip them at the end of the wedding night.



$50 - $200 per vendor

Tip them at the end of the wedding night.

Attire Alterations Professionals


$20 - $30

​Give an envelope at your final fitting.

Reception Staff


15% - 20% of the food/drink fee. $200 - $300 for the Maître D’

​Typically, it will be included in the contract. If not, have your wedding planner or attendant hand it to the Maître D' at the end of the wedding night.

Bartenders/Catering Staff

Optional (Contract Based)

​10%- 20% of the food/liquor bill split between the staff.

Distribute tips at the end of the night. You could also provide the staff with their tips prior to the reception.



15% - 20% of the total bill

At the end of the last ride.



$50 - $100, or a small gift

Send them a Thank You note with the tip enclosed after your wedding day.

General Wedding Tipping Tips

Contracts - Read them closely as some gratuities are included in the overall price and no additional tips are required.

Reviews - Writing a positive review goes a long way!

Destination Weddings - Learn the local customs and traditions and make sure to Tip in the correct currency.

Photos - Sharing your photos is greatly appreciated by your vendors and is a great way to show your appreciation for their services.

With Love,


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