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Help! When do I Remove My Veil?

So, you have decided to have a veil on your wedding day and you chose the most perfect one, but do you wear it the whole time, take it off after the ceremony or take it off before the first dance?! No stress!! Let's explore different options together!

Traditional Approach: Many brides choose to maintain the tradition of being veiled during the ceremony, allowing the groom to lift the veil just before they exchange vows. This is a beautiful moment of intimacy and connection and once the ceremony is over, you may decide to remove your veil all together.

Photographic Opportunities: If you value the visual impact of the veil, discuss with your photographer how best to capture the moment of unveiling. You may want to have some photos with your veil and some without! Get creative with it!

Sarah Hall Photography

Reception vs. Ceremony: Decide if you want to wear your veil throughout the entire celebration or if you'd like to remove it after the ceremony. Some brides choose to unveil before the reception, while others prefer to keep it on for the entire event.

Comfort and Practicality: Consider the length and style of your veil. If it's a long veil that might impede movement or visibility, you may want to plan the unveiling strategically to ensure you're comfortable during the ceremony and festivities. If it is a long veil, you may want to remove it prior to your first dance along with bustling your dress!

Ashlynn Stott Photography

The moment of unveiling is a deeply personal and symbolic aspect of a wedding ceremony. It represents your journey into a new chapter of your life. By considering the traditions, customs, and your own feelings, you can choose the perfect moment to reveal your radiant self to your partner and the world. Remember, there is no right or wrong way to approach this; it's all about what feels right for you.Trust your instincts and listen to your heart. If you have a strong feeling about when and how you want to unveil, honor that :)

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