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Should I Rent A Tent For My Outdoor Wedding?

A question that comes up a lot! A very good question.

If you are planning on having your wedding or event in Colorado, you probably have already heard of the unpredictable weather that can occur! Don’t let the weather discourage you from having your dream wedding in the Colorado mountains!

Our advice - rent a tent! Renting a tent is a great way to protect your guests from any kind of weather and shade them from the hot sun!

Scenario: You have always dreamed of an outdoor wedding facing the San Juan mountain range. You are thinking of having it in July and are worried about the weather.

In order to ease your mind, renting a tent will allow you to have that outdoor feel while still providing a plan B in case the weather turns. You may want to plan to have the ceremony outside and the reception under the tent. If a storm looks like it is rolling in during the ceremony, no stress! You have the tent and it can be used for your ceremony as well! A little bit of imagination and voilá!

Tents are also a great way to shield your guests from the hot summer sun. At higher altitudes the sun is even stronger as the air is so thin! So providing plenty of shade for your guests will make it more enjoyable for your guests! As Colorado, especially the Western slope is so dry, this means that temperatures plummet once the sun goes down. Having a tent with heating elements for once the sun sets is a great idea!

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