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The Best Months For Outdoor Weddings in Western Colorado

Rain or shine - love conquers all!

Getting married in Colorado and especially on the Western slope, weather can be unpredictable. This is the one thing the planner cannot change unfortunately! But we can provide insight on which months are the most ideal for outdoor weddings!

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End of May through mid October:

End of May: By this time most of the snow at higher altitudes have melted and the ground is ready for pitching marquee tents! It may get windy.If you are planning an outdoor wedding, a tent is highly recommended (Read more about tenting here. - link to a different blog)

June and July: June is a great month to get married in as it is not too hot and summer celebrations are in full swing! Towards mid June through late July it is prime wildflowers season!

August: Typically the hottest month. Due to the heat during the day, many summer showers do occur. Even though they seem to pass by as quickly as an “I Do!” one should still plan for the rain. Having umbrellas handy and considering a tent are both good ideas to help protect you and your guests from the elements.

September: Over the recent years, September seems to be the most popular month for couples to get married! Summer is still lingering in the air but fall is layering in with all the beautiful foliage. One should think about heating elements for any outdoor areas and a place for guests to shield from the unexpected elements.

October: The month for Fall weddings! The foliage is prime. The sun is still shining and the air is starting to become crisp. October is the last of the outdoor weddings. You may start to see snow at the higher altitudes and this may cause some issues if you have rented a tent for your event, make sure to check in with your vendors in regards to their policy on changing weather!

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So there you have it! A short summary of each month with notes for you to consider! If you are thinking of tying the knot in Colorado and especially on the Western Slope, be prepared to deal with any unpredictable weather. As your planner who has experienced all weather Colorado has to offer, I will make sure you are ready for anything!

And..if you do choose another month, have no fear because Colorado is magical in all seasons and with a bit of imagination, great planning and lots of love, your wedding will be perfect!

With Love,


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