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When the Planner is the Bride!

July 30th, 2023 is the day my wedding day duties flipped! Instead of being the planner, I was the BRIDE!!!

I wanted to make this blog all about MY big day and share with you my takeaways and photos, of course 🤩.

Leading up to the wedding, I was my own planner and made sure everything and everyone knew what they were doing on the day. It was a destination wedding for Will and I, so we made sure to plan a meeting with all of our vendors ahead of time to familiarize ourselves with each other and the plan. I was constantly in touch with my vendors, and was lucky enough to have a Maitre D and a team of helpers that were provided by the Venue, which eased a lot of my stress on the day.

I had to keep reminding myself, with the help of my lovely family, that on my day, I AM NOT THE PLANNER, I AM THE BRIDE. I will admit, It was a funny feeling to let go of all responsibilities… when, typically, I am very much aware of all the responsibilities that need to get done!

The biggest take away, is that time goes by so fast!!! I wish the day lasted forever. Having all of our loved ones in one place was such a magical and warm feeling. We literally danced all night, everyone was on the dance floor, dancing and hugging the night away.

Let me take you through the day!

It started off with all the girlies getting ready in our matching pajamas!

We signed the Ktubbah (The Jewish Marriage Contract) before getting ready, as Will and I decided that we didn't want to see each other all dressed up until I walk down the aisle :)

Then it was time to get dressed!!!

Will broke the glass!!! WE ARE OFFICIALLY MARRIED!!!

And then the PARTY STARTED!!!

Here we are doing our first dance :)

The energy level all night long --->

We had The Nerds from Asbury Park, NJ play at the wedding and here we have a guitar solo appreciation going on! haha!

We decided on Donuts instead of a cake. They made Will and I in donut form...the resemblance is uncanny!


We ended the night with a dip in the ocean! ... the professional photographers were long gone by then... can you tell?! haha...

Now I know how my brides feel and it makes my job that much more meaningful and special. My goal is to make sure my couple feels just as amazing as I did on my wedding day <3

Thank you to both of our families and all the Vendors that made this day so amazing!

Band: The Nerds

Hair and Makeup: Hot Mess Bridal Salon

With Love,



mim benjamin
mim benjamin
Aug 16, 2023

It was a most amazing, love filled day!! so much fun, laughter, dancing and happiness!!

Leori Skyflightcrazy
Leori Skyflightcrazy
Sep 12, 2023
Replying to

Love you!!!!

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